I came across this gem of a quote a few weeks ago.

As an instructive example, we may cite the verdict of August Bebel: ‘Strictly speaking, the worker who drains the sewers to protect humanity from unhealthy miasmas is a very useful member of society, whereas the professor who teaches falsified history in the interest of the ruling class, or the theologian who seeks to befog the brain with supernatural, transcendental doctrines, is an extremely harmful individual.’ We must be careful not to be guilty of what is here stated to be the activity of theologians, and if we cannot do better than this we should make all haste to become good drainers of sewers. Similarly, if the professor of history cannot do better than teach history which is falsified in the interests of a class, to the sewers with him also!

Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics III/4 p. 534.