The emergent tradition’s rejection of the modern mythos of politics as statecraft in favor of a distinctly theological politics is founded on the conviction that God is active in history now bringing about a new age, the contours of which are discernible not in Western liberalism, democratic socialism, or the Pax Americana but in Christ, in the work of Christ’s Spirit as it gathers Christ’s body, the church. There, in that space where humanity is eucharistically joined once again in communion with one another and with God, we see the true community, the true polity, the true politics—a politics that modern statecraft, embedded as it is in the (dis)order of dominion and the endless conflict of self-interested individuals, cannot even dream of, but only mock.

Daniel M. Bell, Jr., “The State and Civil Society” pp. 423-438 in The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology William Cavanaugh and Peter Scott (eds) (Blackwell: Oxford, 2004), 436-7.