Hello. This is my blog. You are welcome to read it.

My name is Stephen Lawson.

A little about me:

  • I am from Kentucky.
  • I live in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Before I moved to St. Louis I lived in Tennessee while I completed seminary and worked at a church.
  • I am a part of an intentional Christian community in the north city of St. Louis called the Lotus House.
  • I am currently a student at Saint Louis University pursuing a PhD in historical theology, with a concentration in modern theology.

On this blog I will post mostly about theology, history, and Scripture. Though I may occasional dabble in other areas.

I hope that this endeavor will help me cultivate the practice of writing, as well as develop my work as a student and practitioner of Christian theology. Some of what I post will be content written specifically for this blog, but I will also post items possibly of interest from my school and church work. I am sure that I will also share more than a few quotes that I stumble across in my reading.

I encourage comments and dialogue. I am not always the quickest responder, but I do enjoy interacting with people. So, if you have a question, observation, critique or anything else don’t hesitate to add your perspective. Just be kind in doing so.

The blog’s name, Logos & Ekklesia, reflects some of my deepest theological concerns. I will probably expound upon what this means in a later post. (It’s also the Greek translation of this excellent book’s title.)

Regardless of what brought you here, I hope that what you find in your browsing is helpful to you.

You can find me doing other things on the internet over at stephenlawson.org.


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